Email Filtering


Outsourced Anti-Spam Protection for Small and Medium Business

aNetworks email filtering automatically protects email from Spam.  Ads, fraud schemes, porn, viruses, phishing attempts... if it's junk e-mail, aNetworks email filtering will stop it before it reaches your mail server without the need for installing any software or hardware. Our cloud based managed email filtering service is great for small organizations without an IT staff. Let our technical experts do the work, and start benefiting from the best email protection you can get.

Office 365

Email Filters that Work

Adding an additional spam filter in front of Office 365 can reduce the amount of spam getting through to your inbox, wasting valuable time and attention. The aNetworks solution offers not only an superior solutions but also excellent support and flexible reporting and quarantines.

The Office 365 spam-filtering controls are reasonably good, but not as comprehensive or fine-grained as our solution.

Queues for 5 days

Messages Spooling

If servers are unavailable, our email filtering software automatically queues all incoming mail for up to five days until the server comes back on line, at which point all queued mail is delivered.

Advanced Email Filtering

Spam and Virus Protection

Email filtering software that detects 98 % + of spam with a low false positive rate. Valid messages get through, the junk gets blocked.  Our solution uses a variety of techniques including keyword search, header analysis, message format analysis, Bayesian statistical analysis, blacklists, whitelists, greylists, open proxy lists, DNS verification, advanced content-filtering rules, sender policy framework (SPF), custom rules and more.

Anti-Spam Solution

Perimeter Defense

Email filtering that removes the threat of denial of service and directory harvest attacks on your email server. Prevent the bad guys from wasting your time and your bandwidth using our cloud anti-spam solution.

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