Hosted Infrastructure


Robust Infrastructure within a Flexible Architecture

Robust infrastructure specifically designed to provide the resources required to accommodate the needs of all user environments, including the most complex. Enterprise-grade platforms are structured to offer the computer, network, and storage resources with a virtual private datacenter.

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Scalable and Automated

We provide IT infrastructure that is scalable and highly automated, providing a pay-as-you-go consumption model that eliminates unpredictability and cost overages. Eliminate the expense and complexity of a build-out and reduce the labor requirement associated with hardware monitoring and maintenance.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Best-in-class 10GB ethernet backbone offers unlimited bandwidth to run your networks, connections and systems. 

High Availability

Robust IT Environment

High availability is a staple of every aNetworks user environment.  An essential feature of any hosted infrastruture, high availability is often overlooked by clients and their IT administrators. The tendency for extended downtime due to hardware failure within a traditional client-server environment makes high availability hosting solutions a necessary element of any robust IT environment. 

We are business technology experts, providing what are traditionally called IT services in a very different way.