Hybrid Solutions


Blended Infrastructure for More Data Deployment Options

Hybrid cloud is a computing environment which uses a mix of on-premises and cloud services.  An excellent solution for organizations with existing on-site hardware.  Also for those with security and compliance requirements.  However, for those with aging technology a hybrid solution is a natural transition which will reduce your hardware costs, offer flexibility to your employees and give you more options for scaling resources.

Align Architecture

Workload Flexibility

Mix and match resources between your local infrastructure and a shared virtualized infrastructure that is easily scalable.  Place the applications and data on the best platform for a given task.  Dynamic applications may be best supported in the public cloud, performance-intensive applications on a private cloud with compliance related data on a local platform. 

Scaling Resources

Reduce Your Hardware Costs

Large investments in technology, people and processes means that an all-in cloud solution may not be practical.  Transitioning resources based on aging hardware and changing business practices allows your organization to manage the process. 

Maintaining Compliance

Public Cloud and Private Storage

Not all data files should exist in the cloud.  Compliance issues may dictate the need for private storage however that does not mean you cannot benefit from the public cloud.  A hybrid solution can keep the data local while the analytical processing can be performed in the cloud. 

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