Basic desktop support toolkit including system alerts.

24x7 Monitoring and Alerting

Our monitoring software takes a pulse on the health of your computer around the clock. The software reports back to our monitoring portal which allows proactive management of issues before they become major problems.

Anti-spyware Protection

We provide Anti-Malware protection for each computer we manage. We supply software that is recognized in the industry for its unparalleled ability to detect the behaviors of today's malware and effectively stop it at the source.

Windows and 3rd Party Patch Management

Our monitoring software supports automatic, scheduled deployments of Windows and 3rd party security patches to your computers.

Anti-virus Protection

Viruses are malware programs that replicate and are capable of impacting processing speeds, deleting crucial files and causing irreparable damage to your computer. Our software keeps your machines up-to-date and protected without hindering performance.

Remote Connection Software

Our monitoring software includes 2 access tools, LogMeIn Pro and ScreenConnect. These tools allow us to access your computer systems anywhere, anytime.

Comprehensive Tracking of Software and Hardware

Our monitoring software tracks the software, hardware, warranty and product-key information on each computer. This data gives us the ability to perform preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.

We are business technology experts, providing what are traditionally called IT services in a very different way.

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