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Bill Minihan, CEO of aNetworks



Bill Minahan has been a leading IT and security expert for the last 25 years. Bill is the founder of aNetworks, Inc., an IT and Cyber Security company. At just 10 years old, Bill developed an interest and aptitude for technology. A few years later he was one of the top 5 hackers in the world. After a few harmless stunts in college, Bill decided to use his technological gifts for good. Bill founded his first company selling hardware and computers at the age of 22 and it was acquired 4 years later.

Fast forward to today, Bill has built a company that’s dedicated to protecting business owners from malicious actors online. In 1997, he founded his current company, aNetworks, with no outside investment. In a rapidly changing industry, aNetworks offers up to date, complete cyber security solutions and coverage to business owners. Bill maintains his life-long passion for technology by constantly evolving his company alongside the evolution of technology to ensure business and customer success.

Apart from being an IT and security guru, Bill is also a master scuba instructor and a retired world champion BBQ competitor. If you want to hear his thoughts or keep up with his advice on the latest technology and security trends, check out the links below:

Podcast:  https://www.anetworks.com/eo360/
Blog: https://www.anetworks.com/cyber-security-and-technology-blog/
Twitter: @aNetworksInc
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/billminahan/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aNetworksInc/



Rob serves as President and CEO of aNetworks and is accountable for ensuring reliable delivery of all of our services. Rob joined aNetworks in 2001 and has been working in the technology industry for more than 25 years. Rob has a diverse and extensive technology knowledge base and the necessary business acumen to drive results (and a golf ball).



Heather serves as Director of Finance and is responsible for ensuring our financial health.  Heather joined aNetworks in 2012. Heather has a MBA from Boston University and her student loans are finally paid!.  She provides both operational and strategic roles, manages accounting and financial control functions, and implements financial goals for the profitable long-term growth of aNetworks. She also supports and develops strategy to guide key business initiatives.