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A cyber attack can shut down a business’s operations for days, even weeks. Backup systems, business applications and important data sets can be compromised and be of little value in the response and recovery phases of the disaster. The aftermath of a cyber attack can wreak havoc on the company’s reputation and have unforeseen legal implications and may even close the doors of your organization for good.

We take a business first approach to security by utilizing a process to identify, detect, protect, respond and recover from a cyber attack. Today, we cannot guarantee 100% protection from an attack, incident or breach, but we CAN guarantee that together, we can align business technology to security standards to attain near perfect protection and recovery capabilities. We work with your senior management, legal department and functional area teams and to provide an audit of your risks, security gaps and current response plan as part of our cyber security services. Businesses require what we refer to as CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability of Data and Applications to run their operations.

As part of our strategic planning, we will collaborate with your teams to identify vulnerabilities and create a proactive, tactical plan that is in compliance with best practices. We will work with your management team to establish a response plan to mitigate risks and business interruption should an incident occur. With our response plan in place, we will activate our reactive tactical “Red Teams” to respond and recover within the established recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Our Cyber Security Solutions

Our Cyber Security Process


  • Pre-compliance & Regulatory Review
    • Business and technical teams work side by side with our clients’ executives and security teams before, during and after regulatory audits to ensure that regulations are met and to ensure a smooth transition to compliance
    • Real-world experience in the healthcare, defense, legal, financial and pharma sectors to meet compliance standards and the associated control regulations
    • Partnerships with industry leading security and compliance companies to conduct third party assessments to ensure successful alignment with regulations
  • Business Impact Assessment
    • Qualitative and quantitative approach to assessing the risk of your most important technology assets on the business
    • Thoughtfully maximize your return on investment into IT security controls
  • Vulnerability (GAP) Assessment
    • Conduct a vulnerability assessment to determine true risk position and the associated vulnerabilities
    • Business first approach to benchmark your IT systems against security best practices in order to derive a sequential plan
    • Remediate your business security gaps in the most cost-effective and least risk approach
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
    • Proven approach to promote security awareness within your organization’s business operations and significantly reduce the likelihood of a security breach
    • Conduct testing to identify the most vulnerable personnel in your business and target training to some or all employees


  • Vulnerability Remediation
    • Extensive experience implementing technology solutions to ensure that security holes are filled
    • Implementation of technology solutions to comply with regulations, business requirements and general security hygiene best practices


  • Threat Detection & Response
    • Threat detection to decrease the likelihood of an incident or data breach
    • Intrusion detection and prevention solutions to sift through millions of records and pin point legit attacks
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
    • Mature, managed IT provider capabilities to get in front of threats before they occur
    • Proactive mindset to hunting threats and finding anomalies before they turn into a disaster
  • 24x7x365 Security Operations Center
    • 24x7x365 around the clock monitoring solution to find threats, respond to threats and reduce the risk and the likelihood of a security breach
  • Incident Response Plan
    • Review of organization’s policies, processes, and defenses in order to improve organizational readiness
    • Define recovery requirements and response tactics per associated potential breach
    • Proactively conduct a simulated response to a breach
    • Deployment of a special team to rapidly recover from an outage or cyber attack