Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Managed SOC, & Log Collection (SIEM)

aNetworks provides intrusion detection systems (IDS), managed SOC, and log collection (SIEM) solutions to businesses in order to deliver greater visibility and heightened security.

Our intrusion detection solution ensures your network and devices are constantly monitored for any invasion or attack.

Our security experts can work with you to modify your IDS according to your specific business and security needs. Furthermore, we take the time to learn your current IT infrastructure, security controls, and policies. As a result, we can seamlessly integrate IDS, managed SOC, and log collection (SIEM) into your current IT environment, effectively securing your network and protecting your data.

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IDS, Managed SOC, and Log Collection: How It Works

At aNetworks, we offer a single solution with three components: IDS, Managed SOC, and log collection (SIEM). Specifically, the following are how we provide our threat detection and response solution:

IDS: Threat Detection

Our advanced threat detection and alert support only alert you to real threats. As a result, you can reduce noise, focus on what really matters, and save time and money. We identify threat activities and incidents on your network 24/7/365.

Firewalls provide a perimeter defense around your network. However, they do not protect you from what has already gotten through. Our IDS solution detects, investigates, and escalates threats that have already gotten through.

Furthermore, our sensors sync data from threat intel sources. We offer 6 different sensors that provide support for a diverse range of needs—from 100 endpoints to 50,000 endpoints, aNetworks has got you covered.

Your sensors use the latest threat intel against your network to identify potential incidents and create alerts. Furthermore, you can view and interact with alerts on a centralized dashboard that allows you visibility, control, and power over your security threats. As a result, your team can investigate while our SOC solution works to triage and escalate events as needed.

Managed SOC: Security Operations Center

Our managed SOC works around the clock to investigate alerts, analyze network traffic for anomalies or suspicious behavior, and monitor logs. Furthermore, we work with you to customize processes and policies to escalate real incidents to your attention following whatever compliance framework you must follow. As a result, you can design detection, escalation, and threat elimination processes tailored to your business, industry, and security goals.

Our security operations center (SOC) is included in our service. As a result, our threat analysts are working to secure your network as soon as your IDS is installed.

Specifically, our SOC provides the following services:

As well as many more support features.

Log Collection (SIEM): Diagnose and Identify Threats

At aNetworks, we collect and retain event logs based on whatever security, compliance, or industry framework your business requires. In addition, our team generates alerts in the event of a highly notable log event based on log data. Furthermore, our reporting and visualizations offer a user-friendly and advanced experience to log collection. As a result, our SOC and your team are provided with actionable insight into your endpoints and network traffic data.

IDS, Managed SOC, Log Collection Benefits:

Analytics, Tools, and User-Friendly Interface:

Our solution offers an advanced online analytics tool to search, view, and investigate with stores of data generated from the IDS as well as data from your system logs. Our solution increases analysts’ ability to identify, investigate, and eliminate threats on your network.

Furthermore, your team of analysts has access to the same tools and interfaces our SOC team has. As a result, your team can leverage built-in analyst tools, hunt threats, and optionally triage your own threats. Or, if your analysts are working on other projects, just rely on our SOC, we have you covered.

As a result, your team can use our tools as little or as often as they would like, heightening transparency, collaboration, and communication between you and your managed SOC.

Threat Intelligence and Intel

Our solution connects to and consumes the latest threat intel for your business. Your team can connect to our sharing community intel using your membership credentials. As a result, you have access to all the feeds from our integration partners.

Furthermore, you have access to shared reported threats with others in your community. As a result, you have greater visibility to investigate threats and to prepare for attacks as they move across digital landscapes.

Threat Management and Reports

Our centralized, online, user-friendly interface solution ensures your whole team and our SOC are on the same page. Furthermore, it lets you enter, manage, and investigate your own threat indicators and provides customized reports so that you can access the latest big-picture information.

Our interface solution is extremely customizable. For instance, you can build your own visualizations and add them to custom dashboards. Otherwise, you can use the pre-built reports.

Specifically, some of our reports include the following:

As well as many more pre-built reports. If you are looking for something specific not listed above, then please contact us to see if our interface solution offers it.

Intrusion Detection System, Managed SOC, & Log Collection (SIEM)

Our 3-in-1 solution allows you to detect, investigate, and eliminate threats as they appear on your network. It is an essential component of launching your cyber security program.

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