Effective Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

aNetworks offers online cyber security awareness training for employees that provides a comprehensive education program that includes mock attacks, interactive web-based training, and continuous assessment through simulated cyber attacks to develop a resilient and secure organization.

Employees that use our solution think more and click less.


Online Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

Your security is only as strong as your weakest link. Unfortunately, employees are consistently exposed to sophisticated social engineering tacks. It is time online cyber security awareness training for employees is effectively driven by data and assessments and managed by people with a technical background.

Specifically, our program offers the following:

Baseline Security Testing

We provide baseline security testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your employees through simulated phishing, vishing, or smishing attack. Test your employees with our online security awareness training.

Train your Employees

Train your employees with interactive modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters. Additionally, aNetworks offers leading automated employee training campaigns with scheduled email reminders and alerts.

Phish your Employees

Fully automated simulated phishing, vishing, and smishing attacks to assess and document your employee’s progress as well as impediments.

See the Results

Personal timeline tracking progress for each employee. Additionally, we provide enterprise-level reporting, including stats and graphs for management reports.

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Online Cyber Security Awareness Enterprise Training Features

Customize your own templates, landing pages, simulated attachments, domain spoofs, simulated CEO Fraud attacks, and more. Additionally, choose from over 4,000 realistic phishing messages, during working hours or after. As a result, every employee can receive a different simulated cyber attack at a unique time.

Our templates and features are constantly updated based on current events and trends. Additionally, powerful new features are added regularly to keep up with the sophistication and methods of cyber criminals. As a result, your team is never too far behind bad actors online.

Our new Virtual Risk Officer helps you identify risk at the employee, group, or organizational level. As a result, you can analyze your risks and make data-driven decisions around your security awareness plan and policies.

Enterprise-level reporting gives your management team visibility and insight into employee security awareness training. For instance, you can customize your dashboard and leverage APIs to create your own customized reports to integrate with other BI systems.

You will have a technology and security expert contact, not a customer service rep, that provides you with tech support, security recommendations, and quick response times.

aNetworks security awareness training enables your organization to manage and continue compliance with industry regulations. For instance, aNetworks security experts are experts in security compliance for industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and FFIEC. Furthermore, our compliance specialists can help your organization meet additional compliance standards for any industry regulation your business requires.

Develop and Strengthen your Security Awareness Training Program

Most cyber attacks occur because of human error. However, most human error occurs because of untrained employees. Your employees are the weakest link in your cyber security. Fortunately, security awareness training enables employees to act with caution and in the best interest of the company.

aNetworks’ offers you a platform where you can manage the challenges of social engineering, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and more. Furthermore, we have compliance experts that enable you to fulfill industry compliance requirements. In short, we offer you control over your employee’s level of cyber security awareness.

Our baseline testing allows you to measure the security sophistication of each of your employees. From there, you can track the progress of each user, group, or organization so you can better manage your risk. As a result, you strengthen your security culture and posture overtime.

Program Management

If you find your organization currently can’t take on the management of a cyber security awareness training program, then we offer a solution for that too. aNetworks can manage your training, phishing, vishing, and smishing campaigns. Let us take care of the hard part, then we can walk you through your employee’s progress during quarterly update meetings.

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Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Employees: Interactive training and simulated phishing add elements of surprise and novelty that are proven to enhance learning and retention. As a result, your employees learn easier and quicker.

IT admins: Advanced reporting tools and dashboards as well as automatic email reminders for your employees to help you reach your end-user security training goals with ease.

For your business: Compliance, insurance, and trust.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Topics:

aNetworks’ training program provides a comprehensive education in security best practices. For instance, some of the topics covered in our course include:

As well as many more. Our security awareness training program is customizable, as unique companies face unique risks. Our objective is to enable you to manage your employees and your risk.

Objectives of Online Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

Beyond protecting your digital assets and enterprise from cyber attacks, security awareness training also has additional benefits.

Build a Security Oriented Culture– Security awareness training fosters a company culture that values IT security best practices. For example, interactive modules and individual employee assessments provide employees with the information and motivation they need to keep your business safe.

Develop Best Practices– Unfortunately, most employees, despite good intentions, engage in risky behavior like clicking on malicious links because they don’t know the best course of action. However, security awareness training gives your employees templates, instructions, standards, and PRACTICE at avoiding security incidents. As a result, they are less likely to click on links because training sets expectations for what employees should do.

Avoid Data Breaches and Down Time– Effective security awareness training keeps employees from making mistakes that require time and money to fix. For instance, simulated phishing exercises give employees the information and practice they need to enforce and discipline themselves out of online habits that risk your business. As a result, they are more likely to think before they click and act in the best interest of the company.

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aNetworks has provided cyber security awareness training for employees for over 17 years. As a result, our cyber security experts have witnessed everything under the sun and are experts at educating employees and minimizing risk.

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