Biometrics Consulting

aNetworks provides biometric consulting on biometrics identity management systems as well as deployment support and integration for access control systems.

Incorporating biometrics for projects and security controls can call for fingerprint, face, iris, voice, palm vein, or palm print recognition. As a result, businesses benefit from working with biometric consultants who understand the challenges, complexities, and nuances of biometrics.

At aNetworks, we work with you to define, manage, and implement your objectives. Afterward, we deliver and support your team every step of the way. As a result, our biometric consultants are an extension of your team, able to streamline integration and delivery.

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Biometric Consulting Features

Our biometric consultants can assist your team through simple and complex projects. Furthermore, our experts provide guidance in the following areas of biometric implementation:

As well as many more areas. If you are looking for a feature not listed, then contact one of our experts to see if we offer it.

Biometrics consulting benefits

Organization planning and design

Our team of biometric consultants can help you define goals, plan out architectural designs and concepts, implement, and deliver. Furthermore, we support you through every road bump you may encounter. Our team of experts has years of experience in designing and implementing projects, platforms, and systems focused on biometric technology.

Data and analytics support

Apart from organization planning and digital design, our biometric consultants also offer guidance and support with data and analytics relating to projects, integrations, and identity management platform buildouts. As a result, we help ensure accurate data entry policies, step-by-step processes and controls, and analysis.

Security and compliance

Our biometric experts can help build and define your project around existing compliance regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS. Our biometric consultants are familiar with a myriad of security and compliance frameworks and can help you achieve both. If security is what your after, aNetworks is the way to go.

Biometric Consulting

Whether building an identity management platform from scratch, on top of an existing platform or integrating it into a new system, aNetworks can help.

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