Fractional CISO

aNetworks provides fractional CISO services to businesses that need a fractional CISO for risk evaluation, assessments, mitigations, and more.

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a crucial component of every competitive business. However, because CISOs require vast experience and a dynamic skill set, the cost of hiring a full-time CISO is very high. As a result, it’s not always in the budget.

However, cyber security attacks target small and medium-sized businesses more than any other entity. Therefore, they often need the same security measures and controls in place as large enterprises.

We solve this problem by allowing you to escape the high cost of hiring a full-time CISO by opting for a fractional CISO.

A fractional CISO provides you with an experienced C-level business leader that assesses and reduces your cyber security risk, and builds out as well as strengthens current security measures and controls.

Furthermore, they document their methodology and provide your organization with critical written policies that work as a roadmap for your team to follow and learn from.

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Fractional CISO Features

Our fractional CISOs evaluate your current cyber security posture through audits, assessments, scans, and general observations. With their years of experience, they are quickly able to highlight gaps, risks, and vulnerabilities within your network and infrastructure.

As a result, they can determine the best available tools, products, and systems on the market to strengthen your security. Often, this means reducing unnecessary overhead costs and finding a product that does the job of several you are currently paying for.

Specifically, the following are typical responsibilities of our fractional CISO:

As well as many other responsibilities that can be modified, removed, or included by industry and necessity. If you are looking for something we did not include, then please consult one of our experts to see if it’s available.

Fractional CISO Benefits

A fractional CISO provides the following benefits to an organization:

Independent Resource

Vendor agnostic, and an objective and trusted advisor that can bring independent insight to your organization. Our CISOs can look at your security posture with a fresh pair of eyes and point out risks as well as offer solutions.

Information Resource

Our CISOs provide years of experience and information and are therefore able to determine vulnerabilities and provide the best available solutions to mitigate them. Our CISOs provide security consulting in every area: infrastructure, cloud computing, end-user training, attack surface reduction, and more.

Strategic Delivery

Our CISOs deliver realistic and strategic results from simple to highly complex projects and tasks. Our CISOs are seasoned C-level executives who know how to manage, meet deadlines, and deliver effective results quickly. As a result, they can assess risks, modify controls, and address gaps in your security in order to ensure your business and data are protected.


Experienced IT security executive leaders; multi-company/ industry perspective. As a result, with our fractional CISO solution, your business can gain years’ worth of experience dealing with cyber security risks and attacks, without the unnecessary added expense.

Business Liaison

Ensures business needs are being met by your current and future security strategy. Furthermore, fractional CISOs can provide translation between your business team and technology team, allowing both to better understand goals, technology, security, and business drivers.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Our experts can help you cut unnecessary costs by introducing you to new products on the market that deliver the same results as several products you currently run. In addition, our fractional CISOs can measure security expenses, maintain or adjust budgets, and define ROI baselines. As a result, your business and fractional CISO will be able to decide which security products, services, or applications will best meet your business needs and what the ROI will be. Furthermore, our CISOs document their methodology for your organization’s security, ensuring a roadmap for IT staff and other senior leaders to follow, strengthen, and grow from.

For instance, deliverables include important written policies such as disaster recovery plans, incident response plans, and more.

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