Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

aNetworks provides your business with reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your business from a myriad of risks.

Natural disasters and other unexpected events can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on a business and its contingency plan. As a result, aNetworks utilizes the latest technology to secure your data and ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible.

Our backup and disaster recovery solutions provide you with the utmost confidence that in critical moments, we can get your business back up and running while minimizing losses.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Features

At aNetworks, we simplify business continuity and disaster operations to provide our clients with flexible options for data replication and recovery, while minimizing costs as well as the risk for data loss.

End-to-end solutions

Reduce operation and labor costs

Safeguard all data

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions & Benefits

Protect data wherever

Our backup and disaster recovery solutions allow you to protect data wherever it resides. For instance, files located on physical devices, virtual environments, or the public cloud. Furthermore, our solutions also allow you to protect data on SaaS applications like Office 365, which includes SharePoint and OneDrive data. Additionally, SQL data is also backed up and restored in the event of a disaster.

Ransomware protection

Our backup and disaster recovery solutions protect your organization from ransomware attacks. As a result, cyber criminals can’t hold your data hostage. With aNetworks, we eliminate the malware, recover the data, delete the criminally encrypted files, and finally, restore the good copy of your valuable data. As a result, your organization can fight back with confidence against cyber criminals who deploy ransomware.

Protect hybrid physical, virtual, and SaaS environment

If your organization has a combination of physical servers, virtual servers, and public cloud data, then they all need full protection. aNetworks backup and disaster recovery solutions enable just that. We protect your data regardless of where it is located.

Secure your Critical Data

If you are looking for a complex and complete backup strategy that protects data where it resides, then aNetworks offers the perfect solutions that fosters confidence and peace of mind. As a result, you can focus on your business goals.

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