Cyber Security Assessment Services

aNetworks provides cyber security assessment services to organizations looking to evaluate, modify, and strengthen their security posture.

Every effective security program begins with a comprehensive risk assessment. Without it, it is impossible to know where you stand. Cyber security is a process, not a one-time action. A cyber security risk assessment is the first step in understanding and strengthening your process.

As a result, aNetworks offers a holistic approach to systematically assessing threats, vulnerabilities, and risks across your entire IT infrastructure. Furthermore, we take the time to learn the complexities of the various elements of your physical, information, cyber, and security programs, in order to provide you with the most up to date, inclusive, and complete, assessment of your security.

Our security assessment helps your organization identify, investigate, and eliminate vulnerabilities. As a result, our teams can work together to bridge the gaps with risk-based, prioritized, and dynamic security strategies.

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Cyber Security Assessment Services & Features

Our cyber security assessment services deliver a professional report tailored to your company, industry, and unique business goals. Furthermore, our reports can be tailored towards specific compliance requirements and regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc. Specifically, our cyber security assessment services provide the following deliverables:

As well as many other features. If there is a specific feature your company requires, please contact one of our security experts to see if we offer it.

Cyber Security Assessment Services & Benefits

Tailored Strategy

At aNetworks, we know security needs vary by industry, compliance requirements, physical environments, the complexity of your IT infrastructure, budget, business objectives, and more. As a result, we work with you to fully comprehend your industry so that we can provide unique solutions customized to your business. Furthermore, we get to know your team and listen to your concerns, so that we can define strategies and solutions that align with your budget, business goals, and people.

Risk-based Analysis

aNetworks offers a practical risk-based approach to your security assessment. For instance, we assess your programs, policies, procedures, technologies, integrations, operations, and controls. After we understand your IT and threat landscape, we identify, investigate, and analyze hidden risks, their likelihood, and potential impact. As a result, we provide your business with actionable insights for making informed decisions around your vulnerability management.

Identify Scope, Boundaries, and Parameters

Our security experts are also compliance experts. In short, we help organizations navigate the complexities of various security frameworks, standards, and compliance requirements. Furthermore, our team works with you to identify the scope and select the proper frameworks that fit your business needs and objectives.

Prioritized Remediation and Recommendations

Our cyber security risk assessment provides analysis across many domains, security frameworks, industries, and compliance requirements. Then, we work with you to identify, investigate, and eliminate the security risks that would have the biggest impact on your business. As a result, your organization can defuse the critical threats that matter the most FIRST.

Documentation Review, Interviews, and Observations

Our security experts collaborate with your team and stakeholders to collect and review all relevant documentation. For instance we review, reports, maps, policies, procedures, standards, training modules, etc.). As a result, we can gain insights into your existing security posture. Furthermore, our experts will conduct interviews with individuals and groups identified as key components of your overall security to record observations and insights. As a result, our team can evaluate your security program maturity against similar industry standards, guidelines, and requirements.

Analysis & Prioritized Results

After the assessment and analysis, aNetworks delivers a final report and security scorecard that provides you with a comprehensive, easy to follow, visual dashboard of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, your risks are prioritized using our formula of certain variables such as risk, impact, and likelihood. Finally, we also provide a prioritized treatment plan based on your budget. As a result, you are able to manage your most critical security risks efficiently.

Compliance Governance

Many organizations are required to comply with industry laws, rules, and regulations. As compliance requirements increase, we understand your business might be obligated to follow several different standards. However, our team is experienced and ready to tackle the most complex compliance requirements, whatever they may be. Our security risk assessment takes into account your compliance framework(s) to ensure you are audit-ready.

Other features include but are not limited to the following:

Cyber Security Assessment Services

Our cyber security assessment services provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s security posture. As a result, you are able to make the decisions you need to protect your business, data, and comply with security or other regulations. Furthermore, we work as an extension of your team, which enables you to streamline risk identification and mitigation.

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