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By Lisa Duprey   |   June 22, 2023   |   0 Comments

The “dark web” refers to the encrypted network of websites that are not indexed by traditional search engines. These websites exist on an overlay network called the Tor network, which helps users maintain anonymity and privacy. The dark web is not illegal, but it does host illegal activities, such as the sale of drugs, weapons, stolen data, and hacking services.

Dark Web Scan Tool

aNetwork’s offers a free dark web scan tool. Our dark web scan tool is designed for businesses. It performs a live search of your corporate domain on the dark web and provides you with a dark web scan report.

Our free dark web scan tool identifies and validates corporate credentials connected to your domain and generates an automated report detailing their location on the dark web, date of compromise, and any associated data breach.

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How the dark web scan tool works

Our dark web scan tool performs a live search of your business domain to identify, validate, and report corporate credentials on the dark web.

The dark web scan includes your employees’ email addresses, their compromised passwords, as well as the date of exposure.

As a result, our dark web scan tool is a great source of evidence that supports implementing multi-factor authentication and stronger password policies.

aNetwork’s free dark web scan tool generates a report that enables your business to identify and resolve any compromised data that puts your business at risk.

Furthermore, it provides a list of recommendations to protect your data and avoid compromised employee passwords.

The dark web can harm your business. If information is leaked and sold, it can cause your business serious legal, financial, and reputational harm. Performing a dark web scan provides your team with valuable insights and actionable data.

Use aNetwork’s free dark web scan tool

aNetwork’s free tool takes seconds to fill out and delivers actionable insights into your domain’s presence on the dark web.

free dark web scan tool

If you would like to try out aNetwork’s dark web scan tool, then please begin here.

After you enter your domain, your report is sent to the email address you provided.

Free Dark Web Scan Tool

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