Infrastructure & Device Management

aNetworks provides infrastructure & device management so your users can work more flexibly and securely.

Our well-implemented security policies in combination with our infrastructure & device management solutions not only ensure device and data security but also offers a convenient end-user experience.

Furthermore, with our desktop and server command, your business can increase performance and accelerate your IT goals. As a result, your business saves time and money.

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Infrastructure & Device Management Features

Infrastructure & Device Management Benefits

Increase Productivity

With our infrastructure & device management solutions your overall productivity increases. For instance, our comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions, integration with applications, and registering of BYOD devices, your organization saves time and money. As a result, it enables you to spend less time on alerts and tickets and more time on achieving your business objectives.


Our solution enables your business to perform labor-intensive tasks without added expense. Our central management of devices, 24×7 access to portal and reports, and our automated engine allow you the flexibility to scale without increasing costs.

Dynamic Security

Our infrastructure & device management solutions heighten your overall security posture. For instance, identity management and access control features enable you to monitor, protect, and customize which end-users access what. Furthermore, automated patch and update management, proactive monitoring for malware and security threats, as well as secure containers for sensitive data, allows you to stay secure and compliant.

User-Friendly and Ease of Use

Our management features enable you to rapidly enroll devices and integrate seamlessly with other systems. Furthermore, our centralized management platform allows you to control and access all of your network’s devices in one place.


Our infrastructure management solution reduces the likelihood of lost, stolen, or corrupted PII and other sensitive data. Furthermore, the ability to segment personal and corporate data, as well as selectively wipe corporate data, heightens your security, and keeps you compliant with industry or government regulations and requirements.

Infrastructure & Device Management

Our infrastructure & device management solution allows you to take control of how you manage and monitor your servers, desktops, and devices.

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