Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

aNetworks specializes in implementing and supporting multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions for your business.

Our expert identification management and access consultants can help you install, manage, and enforce multi-factor authentication solutions for your business. As a result, your business increases security over your network as well as control over your data.

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Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions: How It Works

As business-critical technology increases, so do the number of devices, services, and applications we use. Unfortunately, this is a problem for security. Most cyber security incidents occur because of lost or stolen credentials.

The more devices, services, and applications we use, the greater the chance our credentials are compromised. However, 2FA and MFA solutions alleviate this risk by securing our access to digital services, devices, and networks, by requiring more than one method of authentication.

For instance, when you log in to services, such as OneDrive or DropBox, you must enter your username and password. However, 2FA requires a user to know something more than a password to gain access. In contrast, it requires you to also possess something (such as email account access or a mobile device connected to the same user account), in order to verify your identity.

In addition, 2FA is also a type of multi-factor authentication solution (MFA) because it requires more than just one identification method. However, MFA solutions require additional information such as a password, code, or biometric data. The more identification factors you incorporate into your authentication process, the more layers of protection your data has.

Although this can be more difficult, it is the most important security measure you can take to keep unauthorized users from accessing your accounts, networks, and devices.

How Multi-factor Authentication Solutions Protects Your Business

2FA and MFA add extra layers of security to your network and increases your control over your data. Implementing 2FA and MFA solutions significantly reduce the vulnerabilities that arise due to lost, stolen, or weak passwords. As more data breaches occur, the more important this becomes. Especially if your employees reuse passwords or if strong password policies are not enforced.

Implement and maximize Multi-Factor Authentication Security

Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to access, steal, and sell corporate data online. As a result, any form of 2FA or MFA is better than single-factor authentication.

2FA and MFA solutions heighten the security around your devices, users, applications, services, and data. When used in combination with strong password policies and management, it helps your organization minimize vulnerabilities and risks that threaten your business operations.

aNetworks enables businesses to leverage their technology to better serve their security. Our security experts help you determine which 2FA and MFA solutions to use, as well as help you implement, support, and enforce them.

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