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10 Ways I Can Hack Your Business: Insights from an Ethical Hacker

Interested in knowing how a hacker would go about breaking into your network? James Carroll, Chief Hacking Officer, and Bill Minahan, CEO, share with you the top 10 ways they can hack into your business.

James is a penetration tester, information security engineer, and an “ethical hacker”. James has extensive experience breaking the security defenses, locating sensitive information inside corporate networks, and exfiltrating data using methods that go undetected by your average security defenses.

During this informative webinar, James explains your weakest points from the perspective of an expert hacker.

Specifically, we cover the following topics:

  • Top 10 ways James can hack your business
  • Your biggest security vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation tools and best practices
  • Live Q&A

James talents rival some of the best hackers in the league. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies, professional sports teams, large publicly traded companies, and some of the leading security software vendors, to break into their network, steal their data, and expose their security exploits.

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