Secure Remote Access Solutions

aNetworks provides businesses with secure remote access solutions in order to reduce business associated risks and enable business continuity.

aNetworks implements VPN infrastructure within organizations that allows for remote access in the case of a disaster, pandemic, or other emergencies.

Furthermore, aNetworks security consultants build on top of existing VPN infrastructures in order to provide companies with a level of security that protects their employees, clients, and corporate data.

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Secure Remote Access Solutions & Benefits

Business Continuity Plans

Secure remote access is an important component of most business continuity plans. For instance, most well-developed business continuity plans account for employees logging in and accessing company resources externally.

aNetworks ensures your business continuity plans align with your technology by defining, implementing, and testing secure remote access solutions so when you need them most, they do not fail.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Likewise, a good disaster recovery plan also depends on more secure access. For instance, a well-developed disaster recovery plan accounts for a 3rd party contractor needing critical access at the time of an outage. However, 3rd party access is a major contributor to data breaches and poses several security threats. As a result, at aNetworks we define, implement, and test access policies so, at the time of an outage or other disaster, your 3rd party vendors only have access to the resources they need to provide their service and not the entirety of your network.


Our secure remote access solutions ensure these policies and plans can be followed without sacrificing security. Security is the foundation of every remote access solution. Our security experts ensure that the highest level of protection for your employees, clients, network, and data is met. We work with you to develop, implement, and test controls restricting unauthorized access. Furthermore, we assist your team in developing customized policies about which individuals, groups, users, and devices within your organization can access what.

As a result, we offer our clients a range of secure remote access solutions from SSL VPN termination devices as well as identification and access solutions, which defend companies’ access with advanced security methods.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

You do not want to wait until you are using your business continuity or disaster recovery plan to discover there are holes in your remote access technology or security. At aNetworks, we work with your business to define remote access objectives, implement them, and test them.

As a result, your organization reduces the risk of financial strain and operational downtime.

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