Technology Strategy Development

aNetworks provides technology strategy development for businesses looking to leverage their technology in order to boost performance and maintain a predictable, manageable, and secure IT environment.

At aNetworks, our technical experts understand information technology is a critical function within every competitive organization. As a result, we help you leverage technology in order to automate routine tasks, increase productivity, and promote efficiency.

In short, we help you strategize, leverage, implement, and transform your IT infrastructure to work seamlessly as a core component of your business model.

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Technology Strategy Development Benefits

Your IT processes may be well designed from a technical perspective, however, at aNetworks our experts ensure it is well designed from a business perspective as well.

At aNetworks, our consultants are experts in both business and technology. As a result, we work with you to understand your business, industry, and objectives in order to develop an integrated IT strategy for your organization.

Specifically, our approach focuses on the following:

IT Review and Analysis

In order to define and implement a technology strategy for your business, we need to assess the entirety of your current IT environment. We review and analyze your organization’s data centers, networks, equipment, cloud-computing models, policies, and more. Furthermore, we evaluate the health of your current IT applications portfolio by using a combination of user surveys, interviews, and observations. As a result, we can rank and prioritize business-critical systems in order to determine which are the highest priority to nurture, replace, and upgrade.

In addition, we customize our strategy around your financial budget. For instance, we create baselines for IT spending and staffing levels as well as review what IT initiatives you have for the future.

Business and IT Alignment

We take the time to understand your organization from both a business and a technical perspective. For instance, we review your mission, vision, objectives, and strategy of your business. Likewise, we do a comprehensive review of your IT infrastructure, taking the time to understand its complexities and how it functions. Then, we define, implement, and test strategies that support and deliver business value.

IT Vision Development

After we take the time to learn the ins and outs of your IT and business, we focus on vision and strategy. We work with you to define and achieve a vision of what your IT systems, technology, people, and processes would look like when fully aligned with your business strategy. For instance, our IT strategy consultants work with you to define your current limitations as well as present potential innovative technologies that have the most relevance to your business.

Our vendor-agnostic consultants provide recommendations for new technologies your business could adopt to help you achieve your final vision. We take a realistic approach, only offering what we can deliver and what is within your budget. Then, once the vision is complete, we compare it to your current state and conduct a gap analysis.

IT Strategy Roadmap

After we develop and document your vision, then we formulate it by defining individual initiatives of the IT roadmap in order to build out a strategic plan: define where you are going and each step you need to take to get there. As a result, our final deliverable is a comprehensive strategic roadmap for your business. It defines the vision, the major initiatives, as well as a prioritized and time-sensitive ranking for implementation.

It includes descriptions, time-estimates, and budgetary data for each of the major initiatives of your technology strategy.

For instance, major strategic initiatives can include new applications and systems, upgrades, IT infrastructure improvements, and transformations. Additionally, IT organizational changes, IT process documentation and policies, IT governance structures, and risk management programs.

We deliver you a full strategy that considers the unique complexity of your entire organization. As a result, your business can leverage technology and business objectives to increase productivity, boost performance, and reduce costs.

Technology Strategy Development Scope

In order to design a complete IT strategy for your business, our consultants must focus on several areas. However, we understand every company requires different areas of focus. As a result, our consultants work with you to determine areas of focus and cater to your needs.

Specifically, the following are areas our technology strategy covers

As well as many more areas. If there is an area you would like to focus on that is not listed above, then please contact us to see if we offer it.

Technology Strategy Development

Our experts have experience in a range of industries, technologies, and disciplines. Furthermore, we have a proven process that ensures we can get businesses where they want to be while saving them time and money.

Our consultants work as an extension of your team and are there to support you every step of the way.

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