App Development to Automate Your Workflow

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By Kimberly Connella   |   June 29, 2022   |   0 Comments

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App Development to Automate Your Workflow

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Why Consider Web and Mobile Application Development?

There are tedious processes in every business, and custom web and mobile application development could be the resolution to this daily headache. We want to help our clients, so our team of software developers is here to build apps that simplify and streamline these messy processes. Additionally, through software development, we can turn repetitive tasks into point-and-click, easy-to-use apps that any employee can use. Imagine how much time you would save if your daily workflow were automated and completed accurately every time.

We started taking the initiative ourselves by creating applications to simplify our processes. Through doing so, aNetworks quickly realized that every business could benefit from these time-saving apps, so we are here to take advantage of this niche and help everyone else out in reaching the same peak efficiency we have been able to maintain day-in and day-out. With that being said, the possibilities for app development are endless! If you are looking to start a business, you may need a custom-made app as well, and our team of software developers is here to help!

The New Emerging Challenge in the Workplace

The pandemic has caused a dramatic shift in the workplace. Remote and hybrid workers have become the norm. Furthermore, this drastic change has forced companies to shift their mode of operation to accommodate their employees. However not every company has been able to operate as efficiently as when the whole crew was in the office. In essence, to support this new reality we now live in, aNetworks has developed a process for creating apps that help businesses function efficiently.

Our Process for Web and Mobile Application Development

  • First, we document the task.
  • Then, we work with the people performing the task to find all the intricacies.
  • Next, we decide on the technology that best fits the application.
  • Lastly, we build the scope of work and milestones.

Benefits of Custom App Development to Automate Workflow

Easily Capture Important Customer Information:

  • For example, just adding an intake form at the bottom of the screen for an app, allows you, the business, to put the new client into your busy schedule, and contact them at your convenience.

Chatbot Integration for Enhanced Communication with Clients:

  • Produces speedy responses in any language.
  • Increases revenue through receiving prompted responses.
  • Acquisition cost of a chatbot is without a doubt the economically responsible decision in comparison to hiring a customer support associate.
  • Makes interaction more entertaining to the consumer rather than being put on hold when calling to speak with a customer support associate.
  • Ability to enable push notifications from the chatbot, so that the consumer can multitask. They can simultaneously carry on with their original task at hand as well as this chat with the help of app development.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) software of chatbot can perform monthly or even monthly analysis reports to update the website to better meet the needs of the consumers.
  • Multiple modes of interaction: text-based as well as voice-based.
  • Delivers 1-on-1 attention at a much lower cost than the very baseline minimum wage that your customer support associate would be receiving.

Automate Workflow and Increase Productivity:

  • Allows employees to re-direct their attention to tasks that actually require human interaction.
  • Permits employees to perform the tasks which correlate to the top of their skill level.
  • Ability to eliminate error-free responses through AI utilization.

Improve and Enhance Client Relations:

  • Presence of updates and notifications creates a personalized feel to the app.
  • They increase customer appreciation as well as engagement.

Promotes Ease of Scalability through Custom App Development: 

  • Custom applications are substantially higher quality than regular apps.
  • When your business experiences a “boom” in visitors, you will likely require your app to be able to support the large volume of people who will be on it frequently and actively.
  • Utilizing a custom app development service will ensure that your product will have top-notch performance features and a good speed

Safeguard’s App’s Data:

  • Enables the option to have multi-factor authentication to access the app or sensitive information of an individual.
  • For example their home address, work address, or credit card information.


Rewards apps: They can be used to promote brand loyalty, enhance consumer engagement, and even gamify making purchases.

File management: An application to archive old files and keep server and PC hard drives from filling up. Also, files and directories that have not been accessed in the amount of time you enter are displayed. You can elect to archive them to an external drive or remove them entirely.

Attendance: Utilizing fingerprint readers, each employee can check in and out by opening the app and using their fingerprint. In addition, the manager can perform weekly reviews and export the hours worked to the accounting software for payroll.

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