Cyber Security Audit

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By Bill Minahan   |   January 13, 2020   |   0 Comments

Cyber Security Audit

Cyber Security Audit

A cyber security audit is a systematic and independent examination of an organization’s cyber security. An audit ensures that the proper security controls, policies, and procedures are in place and working effectively.

The objective of a cyber security audit is to provide an organization’s management, vendors, and customers, with an assessment of an organization’s security posture.

An audit plays a critical role in helping organizations avoid cyber threats.

What does a cyber security audit cover?

A cyber security audit focuses on cyber security standards, guidelines, and policies. Furthermore, it focuses on ensuring that all security controls are optimized and all compliance requirements are met.

Specifically, an IT security audit evaluates:

  • Operational Security (a review of policies, procedures, and security controls)
  • Data Security (a review of encryption use, network access control, data security during transmission and storage)
  • System Security (a review of patching processes, hardening processes, role-based access, management of privileged accounts, etc.)
  • Network Security (a review of network and security controls, anti-virus configurations, SOC, security monitoring capabilities)
  • Physical Security (a review of role-based access controls, disk encryption, multifactor authentication, biometric data, etc.)

Unlike a cyber security assessment, which provides a snapshot of an organization’s security posture. A cyber security audit is a 360 in-depth examination of an organization’s entire cyber security.

Benefits of an IT security audit

A cyber security audit is the highest level of assurance service that an independent cyber security company offers.

It provides an organization, as well as their business partners and customers, with confidence in the effectiveness of their cyber security controls. Unfortunately, internet threats and data breaches are more prevalent than ever before. As a result, business leaders and consumers increasingly prioritize and value cyber security compliance.

An audit adds an independent line of sight that is uniquely equipped to evaluate as well as improve an organization’s security.

At aNetworks, we offer a 360 cyber security audit for organizations. Our audit consists of multiple compliance and vulnerability scans, security and risk assessments, and a myriad of other cyber security tools used to conduct an in-depth examination into an organization’s cyber security.

If you are interested in conducting an independent cyber security audit, then please schedule a meeting with one of our security analysts to start the conversation.

Schedule a Cyber Security Audit

Use our free assessment tool

Furthermore, if you are looking for an assessment of your security posture, then you can use our free cyber security assessment tool. Our free assessment tool gives organizations valuable insights into their cyber security hygiene.

An assessment is a less rigorous, affordable alternative to an audit. Nonetheless, it is still extremely effective at helping organizations identify their vulnerabilities.

If you want to have a conversation about your cyber security, aNetworks offers free consults. Otherwise, contact us directly at 855-459-6600.

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