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aNetworks provides leading dark web monitoring services for businesses of all sizes. Our dark web monitoring and scanning services combine human and sophisticated dark web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze, and proactively monitor for compromised corporate data.

Find your businesses leaked usernames, passwords, as well as where, when, and how the breach occurred.

aNetworks scans the dark web 24/7/365 to keep you out of it. If you are interested in learning more about our dark web monitoring services, then please sign up for a free dark web scan below.

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Dark Web Monitoring Services & Features

We alert you when your employee or customer emails and passwords have been compromised and are for sale on the dark web to the highest bidder BEFORE a breach occurs.

We analyze and validate your corporate data found on the dark web, so you can deliver solid justification to enable security measures such as MFA or security awareness training. Our data includes usernames, emails, passwords, the event in which the breach occurred, as well as where the information was found on the dark web.

Our sophisticated tool delivers a simple user platform and dashboard that allows you to monitor the activity across your entire organization instantly.

We provide you with technology and security expert contacts, not customer service reps, to assist your organization and help mitigate your risks. We pride ourselves on employing leading tech experts with quick response times.

Streamline your operational efficiencies using our API and full integrations that merge seamlessly into current BI systems.

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Dark Web Monitoring Services & Benefits

Help your clients and employees guard their account security by notifying them if their credentials have been compromised in a data breach. Discover exposed passwords and mitigate risk by strengthening password policies and authentication methods.

If your employee’s credentials get compromised in a data breach, then it can risk your entire business. Monitor your company’s and your vendor’s domain names so you can be alerted and act fast to protect your business. Your IT team will get instant notifications and breach reports so they can effectively control the situation.

The effects of data breaches are long-lasting and can be severe. Dark web scanning allows you to control the crisis and enables forensic investigation into the breach. aNetworks provides you with the necessary resources to control and pinpoint security risks on the dark web. Our security experts can help you build security measures needed to prevent similar future events.


Dark Web Monitoring Services with Personalized Alerts and Reports

What you don’t know can hurt you. aNetworks scans the web for any leaked or stolen corporate data and alerts you instantly, so you can take immediate action to protect your accounts.

Furthermore, personalized alerts help you secure your accounts within your organizations fast before a data breach occurs.

Our dark web scan compiles a report for your organization that gives the management team visibility into their presence on the dark web.

Our dark web report includes:

24/7/365 Dark Web Monitoring Services

aNetworks monitors your organization’s domain 24/7/365 to ensure your security.

Specifically, our dark web monitoring services provide surveillance on your corporate credentials in:

When your data is exposed it can compromise your corporate services such as Office 365, VPNs, payroll services, remote desktops, ID theft, social media access, CRM, ERP, banking, and VOIP.

Compromised Credentials on the Dark Web

If leaked or compromised employee data is for sale on the dark web, then bad actors have several ways of exploiting your organization. For instance, here are a few examples of how bad actors use corporate data:

Bad actors can exploit your organization in hundreds of other ways with compromised corporate credentials. However, aNetworks can protect you as well as your corporate data from the dark web.

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