Free Cyber Security Assessment Tool

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By Bill Minahan   |   December 31, 2019   |   0 Comments

Free Cyber Security Assessment Tool

aNetwork’s offers a free cyber security assessment tool. Our cyber security assessment tool is designed for businesses. It is a free 5-10-minute questionnaire that provides an in-depth review of your organization’s security posture.

aNetworks has the only automated, no registration required, cyber security assessment tool available online.

Our tool was developed and tested by our leading cyber security analysts to ensure accurate and thorough results. For more information on what a cyber security assessment is, read here.

How the cyber security assessment tool works

With aNetwork’s free security assessment tool, business leaders or IT staff simply fill out a questionnaire that reviews all aspects of an organization’s network.

Our free assessment tool covers your current policies, controls, procedures, and more.

Afterward, the tool automatically compiles and presents a score of your network’s security posture based on your answers.

Furthermore, it automatically provides insights into which weaknesses in your network pose the most critical threats. Specifically, our tool triages your network’s vulnerabilities from high risk to low risk.

As a result, business leaders feel less overwhelmed and have a clear picture of which vulnerabilities should be resolved first. Furthermore, IT staff discover which of their controls are effective and which need work. Our cyber risk assessment tool allows IT staff to improve their effectiveness at governance, risk, and compliance, as well as strengthen their security posture.

Finally, our cyber security analysts go through your assessment with you to address gaps and resolve vulnerabilities. Our team of security analysts can work with your IT staff to design, implement, and test effective security controls and solutions.

Use aNetwork’s free tool

free cyber security assessment tool

If you would like to try out our free cyber security assessment tool, click here to begin.

After you finish the assessment, one of our security analysts will be in contact shortly to review your report.

Free Security Assessment Tool

Otherwise, you can contact one of our security analysts directly at 855-459-6600.

Finally, you can always find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.