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By Bill Minahan   |   September 20, 2021   |   0 Comments

Enroll in Dark Web Monitoring

Enrolling in Dark Web Monitoring

A dark web scan may provide you with a snapshot of your organization’s presence on the dark web, but dark web monitoring provides you with continued visibility into your vulnerabilities on the dark web.

If you found an alarming amount of company data after performing a dark web scan, then enrolling in dark web monitoring may be the smartest choice you make this year.

Enrolling in dark web monitoring provides you with 24/7/365 coverage. It allows you to secure your accounts before they can be exploited by bad actors online.

In most cases, the information identified during a dark web scan consists of a list of emails and passwords from your employees. Less commonly, we find more data than expected: financial info, customer data, and PII. This is usually reserved for businesses that have already experienced a serious breach.

However, employee passwords and email addresses on the dark web often lead to more serious breaches. It’s not as harmless or as fixable as it seems. Compromised employee data can be an indicator of weak password policies and procedures.

It can indicate bad practices like reusing your passwords, using business email addresses and passwords for personal sites and promotions, and failure to utilize MFA/ a password manager.

Enroll in dark web monitoring:

aNetworks, Inc. can help you enroll in dark web monitoring today. We set you up with a dashboard that allows you to view and scan your domain for compromises in real-time. Enrolling in our dark web monitoring services provides you with 24/7/365 visibility into the dark web.

It allows you to secure your accounts before their exploited, recognize patterns of compromise, and strengthen your overall security.

If you are interested in learning more about dark web monitoring or signing up for a demo, then please contact us or learn more here.

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