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By Kimberly Connella   |   September 20, 2021   |   0 Comments

how to perform a dark web scan

How to Perform a Dark Web Scan

If you are wondering what kind of information about your company is on the dark web, a dark web scan can do the trick. Dark web scans are easy and affordable. They can provide you with a multitude of insights into your organization’s presence on the dark web.

In order to perform a dark web scan, you can simply enter your name, business domain, and a good email to reach you at into our free dark web scan tool.

After you enter the relevant details, a member of our team will enter your data into our dark web scan system and provide you a detailed report of your results.

Your results can include things like:

  • Specific email addresses for accounts that have compromised passwords online
  • The origin of the compromise or breach
  • Important dates of breaches/detection
  • The amount of personally identifiable information (PII) available on the dark web

What happens if you find information about your company on the dark web?

If you find information about your company on the dark web, you are faced with two immediate tasks: securing your compromised accounts and ensuring a breach does not occur again.

Depending on the data, your breach could consist of email addresses, customer data, financial data, etc. However, most commonly, it is a simple case of exposed employee email or passwords.

This is not harmless. In fact, it is a direct sign of poor password policies and procedures that could lead to a far more serious breach in the future. Employees constantly reuse passwords, sign up for personal sites or promotions with their work addresses, and even reuse their work passwords on personal accounts. If criminals hack those accounts, then your company could be in for a big surprise.

Here is what to do if you find company information on the dark web:

  1. Immediately change the passwords for any compromised accounts that you identify during the dark web scan
  2. Establish multi-factor authentication if you have not already
  3. Review and strengthen your password policies
  4. Establish a mechanism for enforcing password policies
  5. Enroll in dark web monitoring to ensure your password policies are being followed and the accounts within your network are secure

The problem with a dark web scan is that it only provides a snapshot of your presence on the dark web. A scan next week could uncover new information on the dark web.

As a result, dark web monitoring is an easy and affordable method of tracking your company’s presence online. That way, you can ensure you secure your accounts before someone tries to exploit them.

aNetworks, Inc. offers both a free dark web scan as well as dark web monitoring services.

If you have any more questions on how to perform a dark web scan, please contact us.

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