Run a Free CIS Compliance Scan on Your PC

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By Kimberly Connella   |   July 26, 2022   |   0 Comments

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Run a Free CIS Compliance Scan on Your PC

CIS Compliance Scan

Why Should You Run a Free CIS Compliance Scan on Your PC?

A Free CIS Compliance Scan will verify that the settings on your computer meet the requirements for CIS Level 1 Benchmarks.

Since both federal and state compliance laws require companies to keep their computer systems CIS compliant, a tool like this to run a Compliance Scan on all of your computers is crucial.

Maintaining computer compliance within company and industry policies is crucial to ensuring your business’s computers are meeting the baseline requirements.

Many insurance companies are now requiring a scheduled Compliance Scan on all computers in order to get Cyber Security Insurance.

Accordingly, we have developed a Free CIS Compliance Scan software.

Any Windows-based computer can run this software, and afterward, it will review the settings and report the findings.

In addition, this free software can be run for a quarterly compliance scan which is typical for most companies.

However, having this software on hand means that companies can run scans more frequently.

What are CIS Benchmarks? Why are They of Importance?

CIS Benchmarks are configuration standards for securely configuring devices such as computers, switches, firewalls, and printers.

Each of the recommended CIS regulations is correlated to at least one of the CIS benchmarks.

The goal of each of these benchmarks is to assist your businesses in enhancing their cyber defense capabilities.

Additionally, CIS benchmarks give well-defined standards for establishing common digital assets, ranging from cloud platforms to operating systems.

Implementing these benchmarks eliminates the necessity for every company to “start from scratch”; rather the benchmarks offer any business a framework to follow towards reducing their entry points which are subject to being attacked.

What is a Level 1 Benchmark?

Essentially, a Level 1 Benchmark is a great place to start when it comes to ensuring CIS Compliance!

Also, Level 1 CIS Compliance is sufficient for most companies.

More specifically, it is a Base-Level configuration that is not only simple to implement but also ensures minimal impact on business functionality by altering configurations to ensure compliance with CIS Level 1 Benchmarks.

For example, you can expect a CIS Level 1 Compliance Scan to evaluate the following, including but not limited to:

  • Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges.
  • Cryptographic Security Services.
  • Firewall Settings.
  • Password Complexity and Age Requirements.
  • Security Event Logging.
  • Windows Update Configurations.

These are just a few out of the hundreds of items that our compliance scan will check.

Our CIS Compliance Scan Software

Our proprietary software for a Free CIS Compliance Scan can assess compliance for all the settings on your computer.

Using it can give your business “a stamp of confirmation” saying your devices comply with the internationally recognized Center of Internet Security.

Uniquely enough, the Center of Internet Security composed its rules and regulations by the global community, comprised of IT professionals, to ensure worldwide internet security.

Additionally, if you have any concerns that your company may not be in compliance, contact aNetworks today to see how we can help your organization get and stay secure!

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