What are computer security standards and benchmarks?

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By Rob Conella   |   December 19, 2022   |   0 Comments

What are computer security standards?

So, what are computer security standards? Computer security standards, or compliance, is a set of benchmarks set up by cyber security communities like CIS (Center for Internet Security). They have developed more than 140 configuration guidelines and benchmarks to safeguard systems against today’s evolving cyber threats. The benchmarks that are important to computer cyber security are located in group and local policies and in Windows registry settings. Traditionally, companies need an IT professional or internal IT departments to make the changes to the computers in a network. SecureMyDesktop is a new software that any administrator can run on individual computers running Windows.

ComplianCIS Software - audit and mitigate computer security standards

Why are computer security standards important?

In Windows, there are certain apps like Windows Store, Cortana, Xbox Gaming, Picture Password Login and others that are installed automatically and go against cyber security standards and benchmarks. Therefore, a company should not allow these apps to run in the company network. Many of these apps do not have a business purpose. For instance, why would an employee need the Microsoft store on a company workstation? All the software an employee needs to do their job is provided by the company. So, there would not be a need for an employee to install any additional apps on the workstation. In fact, no one should be installing non-approved software on a company computer, which is why every company should be using a SOC. This is one of over a hundred settings that are addressed by computer security standards and benchmarks developed by CIS.

Auditing tools are available.

Many IT companies utilize tools like Tenable.io to audit your network, then charge a fee to remediate the issues found. As a result, your network will be compliant until technology changes require another audit and remediation. With SecureMyDesktop, you can simply run the software and you will be back to compliant.

Tenable.io - Auditing computer security standards

Free SecureMyDesktop Scan

SecureMyDesktop software can be downloaded here. You can download and run the scan for free to find out how your PC’s stand up to computer security standards.

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