What is a VPN? What does a VPN do?

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By Bill Minahan   |   February 11, 2020   |   2 Comments

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network. You can think of a VPN like a tunnel that allows authorized users to send and receive data securely across a shared/public network as if it were a private network.

The objective of a VPN is to add security and privacy to public networks, such as Wi-Fi hotspots and the internet. It’s especially important for working professionals who frequently access confidential corporate data remotely or on the go.

In the age of data breaches, businesses with multiple branches and remote workers increasingly utilize VPNs. However, users who want to mask their IP address, location, and browsing history, can also benefit from it.

If employees access sensitive data while connected to public and unencrypted Wi-Fi, then everyone on the network can see their traffic and activity.

As a result, users who use public Wi-Fi without a VPN are vulnerable to cyber attacks and potential data breaches.

However, a VPN helps users avoid this by encrypting all the user’s traffic.

What does a VPN do?

What is a VPN

A VPN encrypts and secures all your internal and cloud-based resources. It allows you to protect cloud environments, staging servers, and company databases. A VPN masks your IP address so that you are virtually untraceable online.

Computers, smartphones, tablets, servers, and even some IoT devices can utilize a VPN connection.

If your business has multiple branches, remote workers, or on-the-go employees who access corporate data, then a VPN is a must.

However, it’s important to note that not all private networks provide the same level of security. Specifically, you want to choose a VPN service that includes encryption and anti-malware software.

Although most VPNs utilize encryption, there are some free versions that do not. Furthermore, some use anti-malware software which scans the data for any potentially malicious code.

Set up a Virtual Private Network for your business

A good VPN provides your business with more security, privacy, and anonymity online.

If you are ready to get set up with one or want to learn more about it, schedule a free meeting with one of our cyber security analysts.

Additionally, we can answer any questions you might have regarding virtual private networks or other security features.

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