Why You Should Have an MSSP to Manage A CaaS?

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By Kimberly Connella   |   July 27, 2022   |   0 Comments


Why Have an MSSP to Manage Your CaaS?

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Cloud technology opened the doors to new ways of planning, developing, and launching applications. Out of all the innovations, the concept of containerization is perhaps one of the most popular. Also, Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) providers continue to offer agility, dependability, and scalability like no other. Certainly, if your company is utilizing a CaaS solution, you must not overlook factors such as security compliance or performance. It is a widespread misconception that because you’re using a third-party provider, your business is not accountable for upholding security requirements. Unfortunately, this is false, and failing to follow regulations could land you in hot water. If your business is using a CaaS platform, using an MSSP to help you manage the solution likely is the best option. This ensures that your business is acting efficiently and securely while making the most of performance features. Here’s how you can find out.

What Is an MSSP?

The role of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is to monitor your business systems to identify vulnerabilities, resolve issues, and help you act quickly when there is a threat of a cyberattack. These providers also offer complementary services that can improve productivity, like spam blocking and VPN management.

Despite your business using CaaS, which means a lot of your work is being done in the cloud, an MSSP remains valuable for ensuring security and even assisting with upgrades and changes to the underlying infrastructure. For instance, if you have issues provisioning cloud resources in a way that’s both cost-effective and able to support high performance, your MSSP can offer guidance.

The around-the-clock protection that an MSSP provides for your business will touch every device, app, and system connected to your network. As a result, your business can thwart possible attackers, exceed compliance standards, and operate with peace of mind knowing that your business and its data are safe.

The Benefits of Hiring an MSSP

There are countless benefits to bringing an MSSP on board with your business. Cumulatively, they go far beyond checking off boxes on a compliance report. Here’s why you should invest in the services of a trusted MSSP as you grow.

Save Time and Money

By far, the most recognizable business benefit of hiring an MSSP is that it results in time- and cost savings. By reducing the work your IT team has to accomplish on any given day, your MSSP will offer better security solutions thanks to their niche expertise while restoring productivity to your in-house resources.

Next time a security issue arises, instead of asking your IT team to stop what they’re doing and figure it out — something that could take them a while to do if they’re not familiar with the situation — your MSSP will take over and work efficiently to solve the problem, which they have likely seen before.

The experience and specialized tools of an MSSP aren’t the only time- and cost-savings factors, either. Your MSSP will save time and money by acting proactively to overcome security flaws and by guiding the early stages of solution planning, upgrades, and development to keep many issues from happening at all.

Detect and Avoid Attacks

Not only can a successful data breach cause your business to rack up hefty fines. It also causes irreparable damage to your brand and can cause you to lose trust with even your most loyal customers. Many small businesses shut down within months of a data breach. Even large companies have struggled to regain footing after announcing an attack.

Consumers put a lot of trust into businesses to handle their data in a truly secure way. Breaching that trust could spell the end for your business. So, while an MSSP cannot guarantee against all threats, they can help you move ahead in finding and blocking them.

If an attack were to occur, your MSSP will guide your business into quickly detecting and stopping the attack. Next, it will provide information on the next steps to help you minimize fines, maintain consumer trust, and resolve the problem. This course of action enables you to get back to normal faster.

Advanced Technology

The role of an MSSP requires them to evaluate software every single day. That means they have specialized knowledge of a myriad of technologies. As a result, they can often offer advice on whether or not your business is using the right platform. Additionally, an MSSP will also let you know if you can accomplish something more effectively with another solution.

Our exceptional team here at aNetworks is happy to offer guidance to help your business achieve security, performance, and cost-efficiency. We have strong expertise in cloud computing, infrastructure, and compliance. This allows us to be valuable partners as you work towards expanding your business. Ready to learn more? Schedule a consultation today.

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