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By Bill Minahan   |   February 18, 2020   |   1 Comment

Does your small business need a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

All businesses, big or small, can benefit from a VPN. The objective of a VPN is to keep your traffic and activity online secure and private.

A VPN is a cost-effective way to heighten your security and prevent data breaches or cyber security incidents.

VPNs enable users to work remotely and bypass geo-restrictions.

If you want to read more about VPNs and what they do, check out how they work here.

The security benefits of a VPN 

If you think your business is too small to be the target of cyber attacks, then think again. Unfortunately, one in every five small businesses falls victim to a cyber attack. Furthermore, 60% of those small businesses go out of business within 6 months.

Cyber security is a growing threat to small businesses.

As a result, many small businesses are utilizing VPNs to keep their data secure.

The objective of a VPN is to establish a private network across a public one. You can think of a VPN like a tunnel that allows authorized users to send and receive data securely across a shared or public network.

It is especially useful for working professionals who access corporate data over free internet in establishments like coffee shops, hotels, and airports. There are a variety of security risks that come with using public Wi-Fi.

VPNs for Small Business Remote Workers

Small Business VPN

For small businesses that have remote workers, multiple branches, and frequent traveling employees, VPNs are a must.

A VPN allows a remote or traveling employee to securely access company systems. A VPN encrypts confidential data and traffic. That way, outsiders cannot see the activity or traffic that occurs between remote workers and their company network and systems.

Furthermore, a VPN provides the same service for entire branches. As a result, branches in different locations can all access company servers and databases without weakening security.

Therefore, a VPN can add security for individual remote workers as well as entire branches.

Additionally, VPNs allow traveling workers to bypass geo-restrictions on services and content. Specifically, if your employee is in China but using a VPN from the U.S., he/she will still be able to access Facebook, despite China’s ban.

As a result, VPNs allow workers to access the internet and its services from abroad as if they were in the U.S. Which, to many small businesses with traveling workers, is a major plus.

Cost-effective VPNs for small businesses

VPNs are extremely cost-effective. Small businesses can utilize a VPN for around $10 a month per user. In some cases, even less.

However, all VPNs do not offer the same level of security. For your business, you want to pick a VPN that utilizes encryption and anti-malware software.

If your small business is ready to get set up with a VPN, schedule an appointment with one of our cyber security experts.

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